Shopping Kara Dunga Ringtone Download MP3 – Manjul K & Mrunal P | Mika Singh, Sunny Inder & Kumaar

Shopping Kara Dunga Ringtone Download MP3 – Manjul K & Mrunal P | Mika Singh, Sunny Inder & Kumaar

Shopping Kara Dunga Ringtone Download MP3 Best Ringtones Com - Founded by Mr. Vu Wang Long - Make your TikTok Video Here - To stream & download RingtoneGaana - - Music - - Music - Play...

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Shopping Kara Dunga Ringtone Download MP3

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Singer – Mika Singh
Lyricist – Kumaar
Composer – Sunny Inder

Video credits –
Actors – Manjul Khattar and Mrunal Panchal
Production House – Cinerag Entertainments Pvt Ltd
Director and Concept – Chirag Arora
Director of photography – Kartik Vijay Parida
Second Operative Cameraman – Shivam Singh
1st Assistant Director – Gaurav Raj Gupta
Direction Team – Shivani Joshi and Ravi Vishwa
Art Dir. – Ankula Verma
Art Team – Faisal Khan, Pratiksha Sinha, Rajat Makwane
Line Producer – C.N yogi
Production manager – Ajeet Patel
Choreographer – Juhi Arora
Choreography Team – Anuj Mishra, Dinesh Mudliyar
Costume designer – @stylebysujatasetiya
Wardrobe – @sallu_store
Make-up & Hair- Neha and Khushbu
Editor – Sudarshan Singh @paresh studios
Colorist – Sunny Dhanjal @paresh studios
Post Production – Paresh Studio
Casting by – Aashish @ Kunal M Shah
Vehicle Partner – Landmark Mercedes, Mumbai

(Camera and Lighting)
Focus puller – Vivek Kumar Dubey & Tapas Kumar
Gaffer – Sonu
Lights – A-one lights
Camera – Raju Valmiki
(Teamwork camera equipment)
Spot Head – Lallan Paswan

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Shopping Kara Dunga Ringtones – What You Need to Know

Shopping Kara Dunga is a ringtone composer known for creating mobile ringtones that are unique and cool. The ringtone is known as a musical tone that is available on the market for use in conjunction with a cell phone. The tone has been created to match the sound of a real musical instrument. The Kara Dunga ringtone has many features and uses and can be used for both cell phones and hand held devices such as PDAs.

Shopping Kara Dunga Ringtone Download MP3

Shopping Kana is a ringtone that has been created by the company named Dunga that produces several different kinds of music files for cell phones. Some of the file names include Shopping Cactus, Shopping Kana, Shopping Hamster, Shopping Squeeze etc. The file can also be used as background noise on a cell phone. When the cell phone has this ringtone installed it will not ring unless someone calls the cell phone. Each caller will know who called them by name and also by the sounds that are heard when the phone rings. This makes for easy calling whether at work or at home.

This particular ringtone is not only good for personal use it is also ideal for business use. Businesses can choose from many different ringtones that will alert people of meetings, important phone calls, new business deals, etc. There are many different files to choose from. The user can also create their own file if they so wish. Creating one takes some time.

Shopping Kara Dunga Ringtone Download MP3

The Shopping Kara Dunga Ringtone Download is relatively inexpensive. In comparison to the amount of money that could be wasted by purchasing another identical ringtone, it is a very cost effective ringtone. It can be used for either cell phones or hand held devices. It can be transferred from one type of phone to another and also transferred from one hand held unit to another. It also works on regular walkie-talkies. This means that it will work on land line phones as well as cell phones and also it will work on laptop computers.

Shopping Karate Dunga Ringtones comes in three parts. The first part is the file that you can download onto your cell phone. This second part is the ringtone itself and the last part is the software that will enable it to work with your cell phone. You will have to download and install the software before you can activate it.

This type of ringtone is ideal for a personal use. You can have it for all your friends and family members. This ringtone will also work for your company. Every time they receive a call through the system you will hear their name. If you run out of the file you can just create a new file and continue to use the same one for all calls.

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Shopping Kara Dunga Ringtone Download MP3

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