Pardesi Ringtone Download MP3 – Sunny Leone | Arko ft. Asees Kaur | Zee Music Originals

Pardesi Ringtone Download MP3 – Sunny Leone | Arko ft. Asees Kaur | Zee Music Originals

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Pardesi Ringtone Download MP3

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Song: Pardesi
Singers: Arko feat. Asees Kaur
Music: Arko
Lyrics: Arko
Programming & Arrangements: Sudip Bob Ghose
Bouzouki, Tumbi & Mandolin: Tapas Roy
Recorded by Rahul M Sharma at Studio 504
Mix: Rahul M Sharma
Recording & Mix Assistant: Samir Dharap
Master: Rahul M Sharma

Director/ Choreographer: Adil Shaikh
Dop: Ujwal Gupta
Project Manager: Roman Sarkar
Assistance: Alisha, Rahul,Bhavika
Dancers Costume: Arpita sarkar
Production: Shake Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
Post production: Shake and Cut
Offline & DI: Oswin Reveredo
Asst: Ulleses Correia

Manager – Sunny Rajani
Make up artist – Thomas Moucka
Hair stylist – Rajni Rajpakshi
Spot boy – Raj Gupta
Stylist – Hitendra Kapopara
Asst styling – Sameer Katariya
Security – 911

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Pardesi Ringtone Download

Pardesi Ringtone Download MP3

The story of Pardesi Ringtone Download MP3 starts when the young Indian boy went to the market to buy his new cell phone. After getting the cell phone he decided to go out for some exercise. While doing his exercises he accidentally put the headphones on and heard a weird ghar or gat tone.

When he enquired about it the salesperson told him it was the latest ringtone being played at all cell phones. Hearing this ghar he got scared and almost got into shock. He thought that the cell phone he had just bought was not compatible with his. He tried to return the cell phone but the salesperson did not accept it, instead offered him some other cell phone which belonged to someone else.

Pardosi then got very depressed thinking that maybe he had bought the wrong cell phone. But then the same day a friend of his from college called him and invited him to his house. Pardosi was not going to accept the invitation at first since he had just bought the cell phone. But when he was asked to give his number and his friend told him that he can give him the call. Pardosi was very happy and thought that the strange ghar that he heard on the cell phone was not a mistake. He dialed the number and the voice on the other line was a girl’s voice who invited him to his friend’s house and invited him to join his friends for a party.

Pardesi Ringtone Download MP3

Pardosi was very excited to hear the voice on the other line. But when he got in his friends’ house he found out that it was his friend’s wife talking him through the phone. Later on the wife found out that her husband was using her cell phone to record the calls that were made and sent to the number that Pardosi had given him. The funny part was that the recorded voices did not match the ones that Pardosi had downloaded from the online site. His friends found out that Pardosi had downloaded the song for free and was just enjoying the song and his free ringtone while his friends were being attacked by the wife.

Pardosi did not want to call the police because he was afraid that they might take him to a drug rehab because of the voice that he had been downloading. So he decided to do what is called self-voluntary rehab instead. He cleaned up his room and gave away his cell phone. Later on his friends found out that he had downloaded another ringtone from the online site and called the police to come and take him to drug rehab. Pardosi sued the cell phone company and won a settlement.

It seems that being a victim of a prank caller turned out to be much better than being the target of a divorce. Everyone had a good laugh about it and Pardosi now enjoys his free cell phone ringtone download as much as any of his other fans. Some of them even give him a hard time about not giving up his ringtone. There are plenty of Pardosi ringtone downloads at the online site but be careful since there are many downloading scams.

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