Joganiya Ringtone Download MP3 – Shivi Feat. Arjun Bijlani | Zee Music Originals

Joganiya Ringtone Download MP3 – Shivi Feat. Arjun Bijlani | Zee Music Originals

Joganiya Ringtone Download MP3 👉🏻 SUBSCRIBE to Zee Music Company - Song: JoganiyaSinger: SHIVIMusic & Lyrics : SHIVIArranged & Produced by SHIVIMixed & Mastered by : Zoheb Khan @ AudioqubeSurround mix by Rohit Patil @ Amplitude Studio Cast : Arjun Bijlani &...

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Joganiya Ringtone Download MP3

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Song: Joganiya
Singer: SHIVI
Music & Lyrics : SHIVI
Arranged & Produced by SHIVI
Mixed & Mastered by : Zoheb Khan @ Audioqube
Surround mix by Rohit Patil @ Amplitude Studio

Cast : Arjun Bijlani & SHIVI
Director & DOP : Mickey Kaira
Concept, Creative Direction & Project Head : SHIVI
Choreographer: Sneha Thawrani (tappinaround)
Executive Producer : Raga Shivranjani
Production Head & AD : Nishika Rupreja
Production Manager 1 : Abeer Patel
Production Manager 2 : Monisha Khan
Dancers : Sneha Thawrani, Kavita Jaju, Shruti Agarwal, Gayatri Naik
Camera Unit :
Focus puller – Amit Chohan
Cam asst. 1 – Anand Yadav
Cam asst. 2 – Nitesh Jha
Drone – Anurag
Ronin – Nilesh
Unit Head – Munna Singh
Lights : Sanjeev Jha & Gorakh

Arjun & Shivi’s Costumes : Libas by Riyaz Gangji
Hair & Makeup : Naisha Parekh
Assistants : Chanda Sadashiv Mane & Dhanada Phatarphod

Post production :
Edit, cc & vfx by Raga Shivranjani
Graphic Design : Mirali Solanki

Digital Promotions : Yasir Khan
Social Media Promotions : Digital98, Spark Up Reach, Jzee Media

Special thanks : Dharamvir, Ravi Chandran, Arun Tyagi, Sajann Agarwal, Seema ji & Vaishnavi Shanker

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Joganiya Ringtone Download

Joganiya is a well-known ringtone manufacturer in India. Their range of Joganiya ringtones include the popular seasonal ones like Christmas, New Year’s and Birthday etc. As you may be aware the Indian festivals are celebrated with much gusto and Joganiya has also released some of their best seasonal songs to cheer you up during the festive season. However, if you want to add some spice and colour to your phone and make it look lively then Joganiya ringtone download would be the one that you would want to opt for.

Joganiya Ringtone Download MP3

Joganiya ringtone downloads can be yours without any hassles. All you have to do is pay a small amount of money as subscription fee to download Joganiya songs. After paying the subscription fee, you will have access to unlimited Joganiya ringtone downloads. You can choose from the wide list of Joganiya songs or even create your own song and have it added to the Joganiya ringtone download list.

There are several advantages of Joganiya ringtones download. Apart from being completely free from cost you can also download Joganiya ringtones from various sites. You can download Joganiya ringtones of high quality and original songs at very nominal prices. There are also many Joganiya songs available for download at the Joganiya website. These free Joganiya ringtones also come with free Joganiya e-cards which can be exchanged with other Joganiya users.

Joganiya Ringtone Download MP3

Joganiya ringtone download is easily accessible over the internet. There are hundreds of online music stores which give out Joganiya ringtones for download along with various other music downloads. So, if you are looking for a ringtone for Joganiya then one has to just log on to the internet and search for Joganiya ringtone download.

Joganiya ringtones are also available in various other formats like MP3, etc. One can choose any format and can transfer Joganiya ringtone to that format. Sometimes one may need the support of some extra software in order to transfer Joganiya ringtones to other system. This software can either be acquired from the internet or can be installed in the computer.

One can also join some online communities which have bands and individuals who are willing to give away Joganiya ringtone download for free. These are usually joined by the listeners who want to share the music with others. Moreover, there are also some forums where one can get some tips for Joganiya ringtone download.

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