Dil Khol Do Ringtone Download MP3 | Benny Dayal | Sidharth Malhotra & Kriti Kharbanda

Dil Khol Do Ringtone Download MP3 | Benny Dayal | Sidharth Malhotra & Kriti Kharbanda

Dil Khol Do Ringtone Download MP3 The hit-maker Benny Dayal is back with a song to get you grooving to his tunes! Stay Open & Enjoy!!!Audio Credits:Song: Dil Khol DoSinger: Benny DayalLyricist: Benny DayalComposer: Benny DayalMusic Production – CarlokMix & Master...

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Dil Khol Do Ringtone Download MP3

The hit-maker Benny Dayal is back with a song to get you grooving to his tunes! Stay Open & Enjoy!!!

Audio Credits:

Song: Dil Khol Do
Singer: Benny Dayal
Lyricist: Benny Dayal
Composer: Benny Dayal
Music Production – Carlok
Mix & Master – Rupendar Venkatesh

Video Credits
Starring: Sidharth Malhotra & Kriti Kharbanda
Credit list:
Production House –Milestone FIlms
Director : Shiraz Bhattacharya
Executive Producer: Ajay Vasu
Producer: Tullika Sonam Wangdi
Associate Producer: Kapil Tyagi
Cinematographer – Shiraz Bhattacharya

Choreographer: Adil Sheikh
Assistants – Malang, Nikhil, Ajisha
Manager – Roman Sarkar

Line Producer – Sufrat Khan
Production Manager – Balu Bendure, Meet Rao
Art Director: Nimish Kotwal
Make-up and Hair stylist (for dancers): Asif Hussein & Team

Costume Stylist (for Benny Dayal & dancers): Himanshi Nijhawan

AD Team:
1st AD: Bhavna Gautam
Associate Director: Afza Shireen
DA: Deepika Yadav
2nd AD: Hiral Parekh
Costume AD: Hiral Parekh
Dancers AD: Shubankar Das, Surbhi Dhyani
Direction interns :- Adhiraj Mukherjee, Kartik Sukhwal, Garvit Sharma

Kriti Kharabanda’s Entourage:
Costume Stylist: Nidhi Agarwal & Shubhangini Gupta; Team Allia al Rufai
Makeup: Heema Dattani
Hair: Suhas S. Shinde

Siddharth Malhotra’s Entourage:
Costume stylist: Nikita Jaisinghani
Makeup stylist: Rizwan Sheikh
Hair: Team Hakim Alim

Post Production:
Post Supervisor: Roy Serrao
Offline Editor – Bhaveshchandra Mishra,
Devendra Prajapati RK, Digvijay Pandey
Grade – Devendra Prajapati RK
Online Editor -Ajay Ahire
Post Studio: Mantra Pixels
CG / VFX: Jayant Hadke & Team (FHOA)

Sony Music India Team:
Director – Kiran D’cruz (Brand Partnerships & Music Licensing)
Sr. General Manager – Rahul Chaudhuri (Brand Partnerships)
Executive Producer- Richard Mascarenhas

Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd(C) 2019

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Dil Kho Do Ringtones

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Dil Khol Do Ringtone Download MP3

It is easy to find a Dil Khol do ringtone that you can download. This is because the ringtones are organized into different categories, like songs, videos, images, games and ring tones. This makes it easier for you to locate a specific ringtone that you need. For example, if you want to download a Dil tune, all you need do is type the words “Dil tune” into a search engine, and you will be displayed with a list of websites that offer these downloadable music files.

If you prefer to buy a ringtone, you can go online to several websites offering these ringtones. However, you must be cautious when choosing where you want to buy a ringtone. Since there are numerous websites that offer free music files, you may not know which site to choose to download from. Also, the quality of each ringtone varies. Some websites allow only downloads from reputable companies, while others provide music samples that you can download and try out.

Before you download a Dil khol tone, make sure you are getting a safe and legal file. Since Dil is a popular brand in the mobile industry, there are many download sites that offer free ringtones. However, since many illegal files are shared on the internet, you are not guaranteed that the file is safe or legal. You could encounter several problems, like getting a virus that changes your telephone number or charges your credit card without your knowledge.

Another option that you have is getting a ringtone from a service provider. Most service providers offer various packages that come with thousands of ringtones. You can easily add your own songs or create your own ringtones with software from an Internet shop. You can also find a lot of Dil khol songs in various websites as well.

Preview and Download: Dil Khol Do Ringtone Download MP3

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Dil Khol Do Ringtone Download MP3

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