Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3 | Leena S | Latest Sufi Love Ringtone 2019

Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3 | Leena S | Latest Sufi Love Ringtone 2019

Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3 Ringtone Song - Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download -Singer/Artist- Leena SLyrics - Sadaa KaurMusic Composition - Ustad Homayoun SakhiMusic - Freak SinghStarring - Sahib & PoonamDOP / Editor - Honey VirkDirector - Josan SandeepAsst Dirc. - Bob...

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Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3

Ringtone Song – Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download –
Singer/Artist- Leena S
Lyrics – Sadaa Kaur
Music Composition – Ustad Homayoun Sakhi
Music – Freak Singh
Starring – Sahib & Poonam
DOP / Editor – Honey Virk
Director – Josan Sandeep
Asst Dirc. – Bob Randhawa
Production – Virk Films (H Virk, Manjot Bajwa)
Project By – Gurwinder Dalam
Poster Design – Pankaj Sharma
Female costumes – Damii Anand(ADS)
Male costumes – Dhaagey Creation by Nimrat
Label – Speed Records

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Lyrics :-
Dil Kehnda
My heart is saying something.

Eh dil nahin eik pal behnda
Its not resting even for a moment.

Kyon dil nu chain naa painda
Why is it so restless and wandering around?

O dil dil tu ki kehnda o kehnda
O my heart, what are you trying to say?

Eh kehree lagan lagai
What kind of affection have I attached to?

Jindari nu kii liv layi
What fondness has my Self found?

Dilan ne saanjh jo payee
Seems like hearts have found the union and…..

Janamaa dee preet hai aayee
…the True Love they were seeking from ages

Eik chin vi chao na lehnda
my heart is enjoying every moment of ecstasy

O kehnda
And its saying something to me now

Kade Udda hawawan de vich
Now, sometimes it is flying in the air

Kade dubda bahavan de vich
Sometimes its diving in the oceans

Kade labdha fizawan de vich
Sometimes it is found in the winds

Kade vasda ghatawan de vich
Sometimes its showering in the rains

Kinmin gir nadian vehnda
Love raindrops are sprinkling in the rivers of life

Phir-phir kayee rutan sehnda
Wandering around its enduring variety of seasons

O kehda
And its saying something to me now

Raba koi jugat banadey
O Divine enlighten some solution to me

Merey Isht nuu kol liyadey
To bring me closer to my True Love

Janama da gher mitadey
Help me get rid of wanderings to seek for Love

Eis rutey sang karadey
Let me meet my Love this season

Eh dil hun hor na sehnda
My heart cannot endure this separation anymore

Eis dil vich sadaa tu rehnda
Since it has you – my True Love residing in it “forever”

O kehnda

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Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download Free

Dil Kehnda is one of the most popular Dil Kehnda guitar songs ever written. I first heard it while listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, and Dil Kehnda quickly became a fan of the song too. Dil is a very fast paced Dil Kehnda guitar riff that has quickly become Dil Kehnda’s favorite. There are many Dil Kehnda guitar riff samples to choose from online. Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3 is a great Dil Kehnda guitar riff sample pack.

Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3

The Dil Kehnda Song is about two friends who decide to rob a bank, but they soon get caught in the system. They spend several months in jail, and then one of the friends decides he wants to get his life back on track again by writing a song. He decides to give the songwriting service a try. He tells them what he wants to write and the next thing you know Dil Kehnda calls up and tells him he has the rights to the Dil Kehnda Song.

Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3

You could imagine the gleam in Dil Kehnda’s eye as he tells his friend, “I got the rights to Dil Kehnda’s song… Come on man… Here’s my new song.” Dil Kehnda is not a stranger to controversy either. In fact Dil Kehnda is one of the very few guitarists who has recorded several songs that were subsequently covered by other artists. Dil Kehnda’s popularity has also led him to establish a partnership with a songwriting service that would release his songs for a fee.

The Dil Kehnda Songwriting Service is run by Dan O’Brien of Allocadoe and is run through a company called C Frame Media. Dil Kehnda himself is not a member of this company but uses their services when he needs a song composed for his radio show. They have done this many times but there are no guarantees that the song will be a hit in the long term. This is because Dil Kehnda is a master of attracting attention and making people listen.

Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3

Dil Kehnda has released numerous singles and albums and most of his music has been successful selling songs that were also soundtracked by his own unique vocal style. When you download Dil Kehnda ringtone downloads you can take advantage of these sounds from a artist who is not associated with any major record label or band. That alone should be enough to get you interested in downloading Dil Kehnda music for your cell phone. The cool voice is what grabs you and gives you the song, but then again who isn’t?

When you go Dil Kehnda ringtone download you will be able to hear a sample of this song being played on the radio and know that you will not be disappointed. The voice is distinct and easy to identify as Dil is able to express himself very well using his unique vocal style. This makes Dil Kehnda a good Dil Kehnda ringtone download if you are going to use a song that you know and love. It will still be memorable to you every time that you hear it.

Preview and Download: Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3

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Dil Kehnda Ringtone Download MP3

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