Aitbaar Ringtone Download MP3 | Yash Kohli | Sidharrth Sipani l Jatin Mutreja | Arun Tamoli

Aitbaar Ringtone Download MP3 | Yash Kohli | Sidharrth Sipani l Jatin Mutreja | Arun Tamoli

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Aitbaar Ringtone Download MP3

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Singer: Yash Kohli
Music: Arun Tamoli & Jatin Mutreja
Lyrics/Composer: Gur J
Mix/Master: Anil Sharma

Starring: Sidharrth Sipani, Poonam Shah & Piyush Babbar
DOP: Shubh Sandhu
AC: Siddarth gupta
Director: Rohann Malik
AD: Ishika Tandon & Rishab Chawla
Stylist: Priyanka Sethi
Makeup: Saurav Makeover
Makeup Artist: Nisha
Producer: Bhagchand Kohli
Production: I Production
Line Production: Govind Bhagwat Production & Born on Cam Films
Production Head: Bhavesh Panday
Project Head/Casting Director: Kartik Paliwal
Project by Khwaish Records
Special Thanks to Team Khwaish Records, Vishal Tamoli, Kapil Bhatia & Sanjana Sharma

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Aitbaar Ringtone Download

Aitbaar Ringtone Download MP3 is a free ringtone which is available for downloading on the internet. The ringtone has a soothing sound and is perfect to set the mood. With Aitbaar, you can create your own sounds like bells, chimes, bells chimed, etc. and save them as ringtones.

Aitbaar Ringtone Download MP3

It has a unique “Aitbaar” voice that comes out of your mouth in a soothing tone that soothes. It is very unique as there are no other similar sounding ringtone in the market today. These tones have different types like feminine, soothing, funky and many more. The sounds are completely original and they have been recorded using the most authentic sounds of Aitbai.

This Ait Baarat ringtone is so relaxing that it makes a perfect gift for your loved ones. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones who have worked so hard to please you. They would really appreciate this ringtone and use it at their phone whenever they want to relax themselves. This is an ideal way to start off your new relationship. It is a unique ringtone download and has a soothing effect. Your phone will start buzzing when the Aitbaar starts to play.

These baarat are not just sounds, they have beautiful pictures of birds, beaches and wildlife also which is very relaxing. The Aitbaar downloads are available for both cell phones and mp3 players. You can select the best ringtone for your phone by downloading it from the internet. Once you get it, you will not even recognize that your phone has a ringtone.

Aitbaar Ringtone Download

The price of this ringtone is not that expensive and it is a worth it investment. Your cell phone is a very important part of your life and you cannot afford to have a horrible sounding ringtone. There are thousands of Aitbaar that you can choose from. The prices are reasonable and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Aitbaar are available in different frequencies. You can easily find out the one that is right for you. When you have it in your phone, you can spend more time enjoying its soothing effect. You will never tire of Aitbaar and you will have it with you always. It would be great to listen to it while you are driving, sleeping or gardening.

It is really amazing how Aitbaar can make you feel relaxed. Even if you are stressed out, you can put on your favorite Aitbaar and instantly you will feel relaxed. It is a great stress buster. In addition, Aitbaar can play soothing music that will help you get rid of your stress. It is truly a wonderful gift for your cell phone.

Aitbaar are very easy to use. All you have to do is to press the big yellow button and wait for it to beep. Then you can assign a specific ringtone for every day of the week. If you have more than one cell phone, Aitbaar can play them all at the same time. Your friends will surely be amazed at your unique ringtone collection and you can use it for a long time.

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