Aira Gaira Ringtone Download MP3 | Kalank | Kriti Varun Aditya Alia | Antara Javed Tushar | Pritam | Amitabh

Aira Gaira Ringtone Download MP3 | Kalank | Kriti Varun Aditya Alia | Antara Javed Tushar | Pritam | Amitabh

Aira Gaira Ringtone Download MP3 Best Ringtones Com - Founded by Mr. Vu Wang Long - To stream & download RingtoneGaana - - Music - - Music - Play - Prime Music - -...

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Aira Gaira Ringtone Download MP3

Best Ringtones Com – Founded by Mr. Vu Wang Long –

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Music – Pritam
Lyrics – Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers – Antara Mitra, Javed Ali, Tushar Joshi & Akashdeep Sengupta

Music Production & Sound Design – DJ Phukan & Sunny M.R.
Music Programmer – Shubham Shirule & Aditya N.
Additional Music Programming and Arrangement – Arijit Singh & Sunny M.R.
Music Arranger – Prakash Peters
Rhythm Arranger – Nitin Shankar

Nizami Bandhu (Nizamuddin Qawwals)
Chand Nizami, Shadab Faridi Nizami and Sohrab Faridi Nizami
Nizami Bandhu Managed by Akshay KR Singh
Qawwali Conducted by Akashdeep Sengupta

Bulbul Tarang – Rashid Khan
Mandolin & Various Pluck Instruments – Tapas Roy
Sitar – Salman Khan
Clarinet – Suresh Yadav
Flute – Shubham Shirule
Bass – Raj Kumar Dewan

Ghungroo Waala Tabla (Qawwali Tabla) – Vijay Jadhav (Jr.)
Tabla – Ishteyak Khan, Sanjeev Sen & Mohammed Shadab Yusuf
Dholak – Mohammed Shadab Yusuf, Girish Vishwa, Yusuf Gulam Mohammed & Hafeez Ahmed Khan
Multi Percussions – Pratap Rath, Abhijeet Kholi, Vijay Jadhav (Sr.), Sachin Dhamankar, John Hunt and Suresh Soni
Musician Co-ordinator (Rhythm) – Ramanand Shetty
Assistant to Ramanand – Francis Rodrigues

Strings (Bangkok, Thailand) at Studio28
Violin 1 – Chalat Limpisiri, Thanaporn Sathienwaree, Pacharapol Techatanachai, Karn Watcharaprapapong, Bodin Pukang, Ittipat Pisalchaiyapol, Khajeepaan Jangjamras & Anapat Vuthithanthaveekij
Violin 2 – Pittaya Pruksacholavit, Pongsit Karnkriangkrai, Napat Nanasombat, Teesin Puriwatthanapong, Varissara Tanakom, Patcharapan Sombuntanon, Kittipith Kaivikai & Tassanai Punprasert
Viola – Suvijak Chotikool, Nawattasit Kanjanajai, Thachapol Namwong, Pongthep Jitduangprem, Surachon Lerdlop, Jitsamon Shattrakom, Nitivadee Kaosard & Yuwadee Kanchanasatit
Cello – Nichapa Nilkaew, Teerakiat Kerdlarp, Vannophat Kaploykeo, Saran Charoennit, Roypim Thavornsuwan & Vorapon Thannuekmeesinkul
ContraBass – Rutawat Sintutepparat & Prawwanisita Neesanant
Conducted By – Trisdee na Patalung

Vocal Production – Tushar Joshi

Chief Sound Engineer & Shootmix by – Ashwin Kulkarni
Recording Engineers – Ashwin Kulkarni, Aaroh Velankar, Himanshu Shirlekar, Kaushik Das, Aniruddh Anantha & Harjot Kaur
Assistant to Shadab – Abhishek Sortey & Dhananjay Khapekar
Recording Engineer – Vijay Dayal (at Yashraj Studios)
Assistant to Vijay Dayal – Chinmay Mestry (at Yashraj Studios)

Music Team – Shloke Lal
Presentation Members – Rahul Tiwari and Ishteyak Khan

Music Production Manager – Anurag Sharma

Music on Best Ringtones Net

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Aira Gaira Ringtone Download

Aira Gaira is an online ringtone maker based in India. There are many free as well as paid services available to choose from, which is a little confusing. I had to sort my way through all these free ones. I did find the free ones quite impressive but they lacked something important that paying services have… quality. The music was just not that great.

You could get quite a few free downloads of Aira Gaira ringtone but for good quality music it would have to be purchased or obtained elsewhere. The quality in most cases would be so poor that even a joke ringtone will come out very distorted. So what did I do? I opted for the paid online ringtone downloads. Of course, you get the same music for the price with a paid online service provider, but here’s what I found.

Aira Gaira Ringtone Download MP3

First, the best thing about Aira Gaira ringtone download is that unlike normal services, here you can choose from a lot of songs to download. Aira Gaira also lets you customize your ringtone since there are many options to choose from. You can actually personalize your ringtone by adding your own pictures and songs. When you have made your customized ringtone, you can directly download it from the Aira Gaira site and you’re done. Now, that’s professional.

Second, when you make your Aira Gaira ringtone download, you can choose from two different formats. One is the regular MP3 format and the other is the full version of the song with proper audio file conversions. Both types are acceptable. The one difference is that you can’t directly download the full song since you need to have it converted first before it will work on your mobile device.

Third, another great thing about Aira Gaira ringtone download is that you can look for a wide variety of artists to give your ringtone a funky or cool vibe. There are artists like Akon, J.Lo, Rihanna, and many others to choose from. They have their own unique sound that can be incorporated into your own ringtone. That is definitely something special when you have one of these online ringtone downloads.

Aira Gaira ringtone download is definitely a must-have for any fan of R&B music. The quality is top notch and it comes at a very reasonable price! Give it a try today!

Aira Gaira is definitely one of the best online ringtone downloads around. It has a variety of songs to choose from. You’ll never run out of choices. Best of all, its an inexpensive way of personalizing your cell phone!

If you want to hear this wonderful music for yourself, check out the link below. You’ll also find a free demo of the song, which is excellent! Be sure to check it out!

Preview and Download: Aira Gaira Ringtone Download MP3

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Aira Gaira Ringtone Download MP3

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